UFS Project Divisions constructed with Flexible Structure, and is able to satisfy our Customers at the best, and timely, giving its utmost attention to his particular, both Projected and Unforeseen, needs,, succeeding in reaching swiftly to any part in the World.

Heavy Industries Project Division

This Division equipped with Special Equipments and Bulk Vessel Chartering Division to co-ordinates all phases of Shifting and related to the Transportation of materials from production centres to sites where a new industrial plant is under construction. The consignments are from medium and large semi-finished masses as well as equipment and manufactured products of all types – including those of large dimension / heavy weight and high-value.

Boat Transport Division

In Malaysia and Singapore , UFS is one of the Leading Yacht Shipping companies. We have round the clock skippers to do water deliveries. Team Of Crew to Lash and Load Securing the Boat and take delivery from Water or to Water. Our People & Equipment is all specialized to assure safest Transport of your valuable shipments.

Sea Freight Division

This Division handles Word –wide Sea Transportation, and managing the yearly Contractual Term with Carrier to achieve competitive rate for our Group of Offices.

 Air Freight Division

This Division handles world-wide air traffic. Affiliated to IATA, it selects the most appropriate air carrier for the cargo in question, its destination and the service provided. We offered Air Freight from Door to Door delivery.

Logistics Division

This Division provide Supply Chain Management to our value –aided clients. We have facility equipped with State -Of -Arts Warehousing Management System to facilitate Furniture Distribution to the Retailers throughout North America . We provide Logistics Solutions to the Home Furnishing Industry. Offering Distribution and Warehousing Solutions dedicated to the Furniture Industry, UFS has built a reputation for excellence.